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Eliminate unsightly sweat rings under your arms from excessive sweating with miraDry

Welcome to eliminating excessive sweating of your underarms with the new miraDry treatment.

This FDA approved treatment is your solution in one treatment to reducing underarm sweating.

Hyperhidrosis, profuse sweating, is seen in our office several times a month from those seeking treatment. Living in Arizona, the dry heat exacerbates this affliction. This can affect many people’s daily life in work, school, and social interactions from suffering from unsightly sweat rings under their arms. Many let it affect their clothing choice.

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Arizona Dermatology Group has a solution to drastically reduce hyperhidrosis, ( excessive underarm sweating). Until now the choices available for treatment by a physician has been Botox, topical treatments or oral medication. miraDry is considered a permanent solution in that typically with the destruction of the sweat glands under your arms it ends the sweating. This can be a solution for those that have sensitive skin in that you no longer need to use deodorants filled with chemicals.

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“Thank you for the expert care and treatment I received in the Prescott clinic. I will recommend you to all my friends.”

- Sam S., Prescott, AZ

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How does miraDry work?

Cleared by the FDA as a non-invasive technique to eliminating hyperhidrosis( excessive sweating from your underarms) by eliminating the sweat glands under your arms. After your underarms have been numbed with a local anesthesia, through microwave energy the miraDry handpiece is located where the sweat glands are and the microwave energy destroys them. This will be done in approximately in an hour.

What can I expect from miraDry?

There will be an immediate reduction in sweat after the treatment is completed. Expect some localized swelling or soreness, but this can be treated with an over-the-counter pain reliever and ice. Your downtime will be minimal, but it is recommended that you not exercise for a few days. Results will vary from person to person as will happen with any medical procedure.

The eliminated sweat glands do not grow back or regenerate. A recent clinical study indicated an 86% reduction in odor The procedure requires 2 treatments, 3 months apart for maximum results.

An additional side benefit that people often experience is a reduction of body hair up to 50%.

Is this a good idea since aren’t sweat glands the way the body cools itself?
Only 2% of your sweat glands are under your arms. There are over 4,000,000 sweat glands in the body, so the remaining 98% of your sweat glands can cool your body.
I have excessive sweating in my hands and feet, is this a solution for that?
The FDA has presently only approved miraDry for underarms. There are other medical options for those area, but you will need to consult a physician.